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It’s a wrap

I finished the last job of the first year of my Adam and Eve contract today. I ended it with a 3 way girl scene for “Swingtime” followed by the final party for the “Rollerdollz” promotion tonight. I’m exhausted but I can honestly look back and say I’ve had a very good year with a very good company. The next contractual year kicks in January 1st and we’re promising each other big things for 2009.

Now I’m sitting in front of the computer eating reheated leftover pizza and diet coke and debating whether I should just stay up for the rest of the night and sleep on the plane in the morning or grab a few precious hours of sleep and risk running late to the airport because I will undoubtedly press snooze when the alarm goes off. I need to check the schedule but I’m feeling like the flight leaves around 7 right now, meaning I have to be on the road around 5 and it’s almost 3 already. That’s AM by the way.

Rather than blogging I should really be putting in a load of laundry and packing. That’s the smart thing to do but diet coke just doesn’t give me the same energy bump it used to. I like sitting right now. I don’t think I do enough of it. Unless you count the sitting I do in traffic. In that case I’m probably leading a borderline sedentary lifestyle. Some things can’t be avoided though.

So tomorrow it’s off to Georgia. I’m home Sunday and then I’m going to do some real sitting. It’s good to have goals.

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