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Everhard is barbaric

There will always be people in this industry whose reputations preceed them. I would venture to say most of the A list male talent make this list. Manuel is a lover. Tommy says “nice” a lot and is generally just a cool guy. Evan Stone is a comedian in a porn star’s body. And Erik Everhard is barbaric.

I’ve heard that on two seperate occasions girls have gone to the ER because his massive cock was slightly too massive and he wasn’t gentle. I cannot prove or disprove that one. Another scared newcomer was told that he had his dick surgically enlarged specifically for the purpose of doing damage in a scene. That’s bullshit. Mr. Everhard is 100% real massive cock. That is a god-given penis. Here is one story that I’d like to put out there though. You’re hearing this directly from the source:

Erik Everhard is trying to make me go blind.

How you ask? Well let me start by saying that in December my vision was a cool 20/20. I had laser eye surgery last June because I sucked at taking care of contacts and not wearing them was simply not an option. Between that date and December I had been back in the optometrist’s office 3 times. Perfect vision every time. Fast-forward to AVN. I had never worked with Everhard before but I had always wanted to and decided I would wait no longer. I screwed that man a lot. Then I got him in the “Rollerdollz” movie. Then i begged for him in the “Surrender of O” movie. Today he was in “Kayden Exposed” and he damn well better be in the June movie. And between movies I plan on screwing that man a lot more. But I digress.

I was never one for getting my pussy eaten. It really seemed like a waste of time when all i wanted to do was get reamed. I made this very clear to Everhard. Then one day the man just pulled out and went down on me without consulting me. It didn’t take 15 seconds. It was one of those orgasms that come out of nowhere and just kind of smack you in the back of the head and run off laughing. I fell back stunned. Was this witchcraft? Had he slipped something in my drink? I was scared. No earthling should be able to do that. But like all of us i couldn’t turn down a good orgasm so i let him do it again. And again. And again.

The problem is that the kind of orgasms his creepy-fast tongue can deliver came with an intense migraine. First i would scream from the pleasure and then i would scream from the pain and immediately curl up in the fetal position holding my head and trying to reconcile the blurry vision. The pounding felt like the orgasm not only smacked me in the back of the head but did it cartoon-style with an anvil. I’m proud to report i played through the pain though and the migraines are no longer an issue.

My vision on the other hand is. Around early march i was driving and i realized the road signs were not as clear as they were a few months before. Everywhere i went i started noticing it. I also noticed that my vision was at its worst right after Everhard got to me. I promptly made an appt. with the optometrist. Sure enough, my vision has gone down by half a point in both eyes. I told Everhard this and he has not stopped eating my pussy so one can only conclude that he is out to make me go blind. It’s one thing to split a girl’s pussy in half, but quite another to visually handicap her. Everhard is barbaric (:

-Kayden Kross

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