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Super Secret Soft Launch

Super Secret Soft Launch

I could go on for hours about the less than stellar attempts I’ve made at getting a website going. My first designer charged up front and took off. My second guy charged and arm and a leg for a site that was ridden with bugs and impossible to update, not to mention unimpressive from a member’s standpoint. The third guy made one that worked, but the design and art was so amateur that I was embarrassed to send traffic there. The fourth one was a friend who ended up going through some personal issues that made it hard for him to devote the necessary attention to porn… Then I met Rodeo Danger. That’s his name according to his latest whim. Whatever. I know some of his other names and I assume at least one of them is real. Anyhoo, I came to the table with enough info from past mistakes to make a sound decision on this one. Now I have a website.

We did a very soft launch yesterday. Basically we pushed it live, but have done no advertising or mailers so we have time to work out any the kinks and hopefully get a feel for what the members are going to want before unleashing this beast. We already stumbled on one… the free blog you’re reading right now is not available on the homepage–which is why I’m able to blog about our soft launch without being found out. So, chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re already a member. Thank you for that by the way. Feel free to email me or post any suggestions, complaints, concerns, weird thoughts, or random pieces of useless information. Talk about whatever you want… after all, I made this site for you fine people, and it will have been a shit job if it is not to your liking.


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