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Bad Vibrations

Bad Vibrations

I was driving around all morning cursing Ford and my own irresponsibility as my truck started making strange grinding engine sounds on the freeway. I looked up to the friendly reminder in the top left corner of the windshield. There was a notice still posted there from the last visit–I was 2,000 miles overdue for an oil change.

But the truck is a new model and I’ve always believed that the three thousand mile guidelines were a little liberal. Plus I’ve been out of town a lot and these things are at the low end of the priority scale. Either way, it hadn’t been done and images of unlubed engine gears were dancing in my head. My truck was on its way up in smoke, surely. It would probably lurch and die any second. I considered pulling over and calling AAA, then decided to take a risk and just go to the nearest gas station. I had a ClubKayden shoot and I didn’t want to risk being late to my own set (not that anyone else was on time).

Well the noise continued but the truck felt fine, so I bypassed the gas station in favor of Starbucks. I turned the truck off and the noise didn’t stop. When I returned with two drink trays balanced on my arm, the noise was still there. I considered the gas station and AAA again, and again I decided against time consuming vehicular matters in favor of porn.

Once at the shoot, the photographer helped carry my bags. I thought it might be worth getting an opinion on the matter of my strange engine noise. The noise was dull and muffled but still there. He put an ear against the hood of the engine and then an ear inside the cab. He reached for my last bag, unzipped it, and pulled a vibrator out. He turned it off. In his amateur opinion, the truck is fine.

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