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Showgirl Shutdown

Showgirl Shutdown

I’m being told I have showgirl shutdown by the hairstylist who does perfect things to my hair at the expense of my scalp, which is chemically burnt but only slightly. Reassuring diehard words to live by: beauty is pain. He smiles. He’s heard it all before. 1 am wrap times. Craft food diets. Gym nostalgia. Fading tans. Backed up email accounts. These are the symptoms and I have a textbook case. Somehow I still try halfheartedly to keep things running smoothly between sleeping and driving to set.

I went to Starbucks only to get an internet connection on my laptop because Sammy has graduated to jumping on desks and window sills and ate my internet line for lunch. He chewed straight through it. My DVD player isn’t talking to my TV either and he’s a person of interest. I spent ten minutes at Starbucks dealing with the emails I deemed time sensitive and then sent off a blog to, where by a stroke of luck I have been switched to the Wednesday slot instead of the Tuesday slot… considering it’s already Tuesday and they’re hours ahead over there.

Then it was breakfast with Brucie, one of my favorite Adam and Eve people who gives horrible directions and won’t admit it. He needed the BTS disks for “The 8th Day” extras. From there I called the “Flight Attendants” set to see what time they really needed me, considering my original call time yesterday was 2pm, then 4pm, then 6 pm, and this morning was 9:30am, then 1 pm. I showed up at 2 and it’s now 3:30 and I’m waiting at Starbuck’s again for the internet connection and an updated call time…. they’ll call me when they need me.

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