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You Are Here

A love note I wrote:

I love you. I love you always. I love you with force and I love you softness and I love you with the little beats in between. I love your flaws and your perfections. I love the span of you. I love you tomorrow and now and yesterday. I love your body and the way it fits. I love your mind. And your soul. And the way they fit. I love them collectively with all of my being, collectively, and with the individual fibers that make me up. I love you in my heart and in my gut. I love your person. I love you as a person and as a lover and as a friend–as a human being–but more than that as the human being that my human being wants most to be with at the end of each day. I love you to the day’s end. And tomorrow’s. I love you to the moon and back and with all of the cliche across the ages. And beyond that I love you originally. Singly. Unrestrainingly. I love you and always you.

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