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Sacrosanct Teaser

I directed this scene on sheer inspiration for The inspiration began with the tales of Katrina and her husband and their various antics, and then sort of spilled over once I had a chance to sit down with them. Real life partners, the two get off on this male-dominant cuckold game they play. Katrina’s occupation in the adult industry really only fuels the habit. Nigel, her husband, is a towering six and a half foot tattooed Viking sort of man with a split tongue. Naturally, it felt fitting to dress him in a Sith hood.

But really, it was their first time on camera together, for all of the antics they’ve had off screen. Channeling their interests, I wrapped Katrina in ink black rope from the neck down against a pillar on a turntable. Two men in executioner’s hoods helped her unwind. What followed was a sort of ritualistic power play between the four of them.

What I like about this scene is the slow burn and other-worldly feel of the setting, but what makes it sizzle is the way Katrina and Nigel connect while the bodies of the other two men fade in the background. They become toys. The rawness that is carved out from this dynamic creates an intimacy that is hard to catch on film.

Scene one of Sacrosanct released exclusively on TRENCHCOATx in January 2017.

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