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Hot Because it’s Not Real

Hot Because It’s Not Real

Last month, I sent out a (fantastic) newsletter for TRENCHCOATx that delved into the nature of Katrina and Nigel’s relationship in real life and why the dynamic in Sacrosanct sizzled for us when we caught a bit of that nature on the screen. There was something of a please don’t disturb the wildlife vibe to it. The scene lives in a place that I only know secondhand.

There have been other times I’ve sent out (fantastic) newsletters that describe my fascination with a scene due to some factor related to how close it comes to real lifeA recent example would be Lucy Blush’s “The Waltz.” I ranted and raved about the details that their threesome hit on that most porn would neglect, specifically the part where the woman that the couple brings home spends a few moments surveying the personal belongings of her new friends when she feels she is not being watched (be honest: when have you ever been left alone for two seconds in the personal space of your sexual interest and not scanned the room for clues?)

And now let me change course completely, because I need to rant and rave about how wonderful it is that our most recent update is not real.

Mormon Girlz series cover on Tx

Why is it not real? Because if it were real it would be abhorrent. Set in the highest rankings of a religious order, the series covers an extensive storyline that begins with an innocent young female member of the church being summoned by an older man in a place of power. Fearing her interest in another young woman has been exposed, the girl (I use the word girl here purposefully–at Tx we’ve made it a point to start calling women women again, as opposed to less serious and factually wrong use of the word girl–but in this case the females in question are absolutely girls as opposed to the more deliberate connotations association with women who have experience and control) enters the man’s office in trepidation, but what follows is not a lecture on the sins of the flesh, but rather, an initiation into a whole new order of sex. The power play is off the charts.

Let me speak personally for a moment: growing up, I attended weekly church services, wednesday night youth groups, vacation bible schools, and, most notably, private nonsecular schooling at said church. I was positively indoctrinated with religious themes (arguably not well). For this reason, religious overtones, symbology, and taboo subjects occupy a special place in darker recesses of my sexual imagination–also known more readily as fantasies. Fantasies come from somewhere. For me, the idea of a powerful figure exploiting his or her post is a turn on, so long as that interaction lives squarely inside the confines of script and screen.

That is to say, so long as it’s not real.

Arguably, there are entire lifestyles devoted to sexual ideas that can only be explored when all members of the party don their play hats. BDSM is not safe without safe words and mutual trust and advance conversation. Rough sex is not okay without consent. Power dynamics are not ethically played out unless the person acting in the submissive role has willingly transferred that power.

It is possible that what I’m learning as I type is that a lot of what makes a sexual idea pop is directly related to where it falls on the realism scale relative to where one needs it to be for the formula to work.

For me, the formula in Mormon Girlz works. I know where it safely lives, which allows me to safely enjoy the content from my place on the other side.

Mormon Girlz does a fantastic job of stirring up those things I feel when I think of the innocent/experienced dichotomy, the interaction of dominance and submission, and my own kinks and kicks surrounding sexual servitude, so long as when the hats come off we are back on level ground.

Here’s hoping you’re into a little of that too.

And if not, here is a link to one of my sex tapes, which is pretty much just sex buffered on both ends by a record button.

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  1. dear Kayden

    A friend of mine is about to graduate in Physics and you are his favorite performer. Would you consider making a
    short video where you tease/make fun of him? Such a video would make his graduation really memorable.

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