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A Love Stoya..

A Love Stoya..

Well it was another day of signing today at Exxxotica NY. I slept in until an embarrassing hour but I have a hard time feeling any lingering guilt considering the time change and the lack of sleep otherwise. I barely made it down on time for our 2:30 pick up.

We started signing at 3pm. I have new head shots and that was slightly exciting, but then I realized that it was truly only a head shot and the convention-goers prefer body shots. I’ll have to bring that up with the boss. Either way I was happy with it, even if it wasn’t the greatest jack off material. A few hours into the shift they put me on Playboy radio and then I snuck off to take a set of pictures for the website. They’ll be on ClubKayden by the end of the week.

Katie and Leslie took me out to dinner for my birthday afterwards. We had sushi because I’m unnaturally obsessed with it then came back to the hotel where I got to experience the highlight of my day– I finally met Stoya.

For those of you who don’t know Stoya, she’s a Digital Playground contract girl with a brain. I’m in love with her for her brain. I only know of her through her blogs on Xcritic, but that was enough for me. As far as I’m concerned there should be more people like her. Anyhoo I took the oppurtunity to talk to her for awhile and express my undying love. She really sealed the deal when I found out she didn’t own or watch TV (like myself). Plus she seems to like horses, or at least, she seems to not hate them. It’s only convenient that gay marriage is now legal in the state of California.

Of course at this point I was three drinks into the night. I’d like to mention that a Geisha is champagne mixed with Midori and Triple Sec and a lime (and also a Japanese woman trained to entertain men, but we already knew that). And it’s good (the drink is good. The idea it’s named after is a little eh). Hopefully I didn’t screw anything up with Stoya, what with all the libation. I sincerely hope she goes far in this industry. These are the kind of performers who need to be representing all things adult… and if I were gay I’d be working in an angle where she came home to me every night, too.

Tomorrow is the last day of this convention. I go straight from signing to the airport and on to the remainder of an overbooked schedule. We’re doing the official launch of ClubKayden to coincide with my birthday on Monday. So far things have gone well with the site. Here’s hoping you agree.

P.S. please not how fantastic Stoya looks in the accompanying photo. She’s just fantastic.

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