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Workaholics Anonymous

My website is my new favorite hobby and if I could describe myself in one word I would say workaholic without any thought. White spots on my calendar give me anxiety and I fill them in. Content shoots. Trade shoots. Magazine shoots. Promo shoots. Video shoots. Feature tours. Hosting. Conventions and award shows and store signings and industry parties. And the upkeep in between: gym, hair, nails, wardrobe, travel and scheduling. And blogs. I’ve been slacking on those lately.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of bullshit in my personal life. And now a few gossip sites in this industry have decided to pull it into my public life. I can’t talk about it and that kills me. My fingers are burning and I want nothing more than to lay it out there. Rather than doing anything about it though I jumped on a place to Tucson for a feature. Completely off subject I want it to be known that the fucking plane did an emergency landing and that was not fun. We took a different plane instead.

I spent most of today catching up on sleep that was weeks overdue. I had two shows tonight and managed to sneak in an amateur set for the site in between. Then I managed to sneak an amateur girl into the amateur set and that made my day. She is a lanky brunette and words cannot do justice to the scope of those legs. I shot half of the set with her then stepped aside to let her shine on the stairs. We did low angle shots to accentuate this gift. I’m still a little slack jawed over it.

Then after the second show I found another gem. She used to model as a kid but hasn’t in years. She’s also brunette and lanky and I have big things in mind for her. I’m thinking I want to drag her into the desert with me and throw her out there in a pair of boots and her birthday suit. I love her look. I can see how people get addicted to porn. I’m halfway there on the production side of it.

I think I can really make something out of this advantage I have as a female traveling from strip club to strip club. There is a world of amateur talent out there and I have a better shot at approaching them than your average middle aged male agent. I can answer their questions from a personal side and I can verify or bust all of the things they believe about porn. Plus I’m walking proof that the money is good and the work is fun. Did I mention there was a third girl who was interested in shooting hardcore video? Cute as a button.

So now I’m back in the hotel room with a bag of fast food that I would never have even considered if option B existed. I’m scrolling through pictures of my amateur discovery and checking small tasks off a to-do list. Catch up on blogs: Check.

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