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I Paid for Sex Today

…and it was awesome. Of course there are many ways to pay for sex, i.e., religious guilt, stalker exes, unplanned pregnancies, multiple dinner dates, marriage, general emotional turmoil… STDs… but I did it the right way. I just wrote a check and bypassed the rest. And now I exclusively own my first boy/girl video for my website (launching next month).

I got to deal with all the angst of hoping everyone shows up. The shoot ran late (but it wouldn’t have been a real shoot if it hadn’t). My male talent even went out and got me Starbucks.

Now that I’m officially a pornographer as well as an actress, I think I’ll have to bump up the original thought a bit. Today I was a schoolgirl and Mr. Wilcoxxx was my teacher… and I had an F- to redeem. Let your imagination run with this one. In case you can’t fill in the story line in from here, please check out the dramatic climax here.

Stay tuned. Next time might be a pizza guy. Or a fireman. Or a plumber, again with a dramatic climax. I’ll try to keep it original. You never can know how a story might go.

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