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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Yesterday was a perfect replica of the day before. I spent the morning recovering from a hangover. I got stood up on my radio date (this time it was his fault). I walked to Walgreens and bought more sparkling water. The sparkling water exploded. I signed. I did the Pornstar Q&A panel. I came back and ate sushi with porn people. I drank with porn people. I realized it would be hard to find another career that is a constant vacation (again).

Now I’m sitting here with my hair in rollers, careful to type with only the tips of my fingers because my nails are wet. I had another bottle of gatorade to balance the alcohol…. just like yesterday and the day before. I’ll be signing and doing Q&A panels and probably buying sparkling water that will later explode.  I’ll end the night with sushi and porn people. But I’ve learned my lesson about blind radio dates.

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