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I was on set yesterday until 3 am, by which time they were throwing around the phrase “we’ll pick it up tomorrow” with a confidence that gave me chills. I wasn’t scheduled tomorrow. Tomorrow was my first day off. Tomorrow I get the keys to my new place. As the minute hand trickled past 3 the self doubt began, and when they asked with pleading eyes and the threat of watching the sun rise otherwise I caved. I crumbled. They had weakened me. I would come to set tomorrow. We’ll pick it up then.

I decided that I would at least be late to make myself feel like less of a pushover. I’d show them. So I was late to the late late call time they gave me, but I wasn’t as late as they were and it all backfired. I’ve been milling around on set for 3 hours now. Twenty bucks says it’s going to be another 3 am wrap time.

I did get the keys to my place though. 1 word: Security. I have security issues. They didn’t just give me 2 copies of the key to my front door. They gave me a copy of the key to the door to the building also. And the mail box. And the key to the trash chute…. and the key to the elevator, where the sensor you swipe it across is hidden… and then they gave me two remotes… because I have to get through two gates to park. And to top it all off there is a security man at the front desk watching a TV screen with 16 different security camera feeds at all times. And once you’re in you’d better have the key to get out or that elevator won’t budge.

Tomorrow is my day off. For real this time. I don’t care how much begging and pleading and threats of dawn they throw my way. I’m moving in if I can find my way into the building.

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