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My scientific method

My Scientific Method

I’m going to start petitioning for 3am shoots for the rest of my career. I did an informal in-my-head survey and it turns out that my best scenes have all been shot after dark, with the exception of the other best scenes that were at least shot in the afternoon but with my favorite performers. I’m no good in the morning. The threesome with Evan Stone and Violet Marcell in 8th Day wrapped at 4am. The one with Randy Spears in the second installment of ‘Flight Attendants’ wrapped after midnight. My favorite POV BJ on my site was shot no earlier than 3am. This is rigid scientific research I’m doing here and I think I’m on to something.

It’s not just porn. I don’t do morning sex nearly as often as I do oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-it’s-already-3-in-the-morning sex. That may be partly due to the fact that I tend to spend my mornings either sleeping or sitting in airports but I did some research and it’s largely due to the fact that I’m female and therefore crazy and subject to hormonal swings that leave me horniest when the stunt cock is most likely to be well into his REM phase. This sucks because that same research revealed that boys’ hormonal swings are exactly the opposite and leave them doing that subtle poke-you-in-the-back-with-a-gentle-rocking-motion when your alarm isn’t set to go off for another hour. Further proof that we are biological accidents and if orgasms weren’t so awesome the race would wither and die.

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