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Well it’s true. I’ve jumped to a new lily pad. Officially I can confirm that yes, beginning January 2010, I’m the newest Digital Playground contract girl. I’ll be joining the likes of Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Katsuni, Mckenzie Lee and Raven Alexis. There will be whole new level of pussy chasing. I will allow you all to live vicariously through me.


The press release went out today, and when I saw the picture that went with it next to the DP logo I got a special little tingle. Overnight they made me edgier. They made my hair softer. For the first time ever, the real color of my eyes showed up in a picture. If I could bottle this effect I would be knighted.

So what does this mean to you? The blog won’t be changing (except for an occasional picture that is better than the ones I take myself). The website won’t be changing at all (because I’ll still be creating my own content). Everything else will only be improved upon.

Now about AVN- if you weren’t already aware, I’ll be cohosting that with Kirsten Price (who I’ll sadly never diddle on film). That’s your first reason to show up. We’re gonna need an audience. The second reason is that I’ll be signing at the DP booth next to the aforementioned primo pussy. We’re gonna need a line. It’s ultimately your decision to attend, but you should know that my mother just spent 4 days with me and if I’ve learned one thing it’s that guilt tripping is a sport and I am the child of an athlete. A prodigy if you will. Do not disappoint me. Last but not least, I’ll have one temporary lift on my alcohol ban. This will take place on Friday at Tao, where I’ll be hosting the “8th Day” party. I’m going to need people to rub it in when I have a hangover the next morning.

In other news, I’m leaving for Philadelphia in the morning. I’ll be featuring at Oasis Gentlemen’s Club Thursday through Saturday. Showtimes start at 10pm. That’s my self-serving PSA of the day.

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