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I Like Cum

I Like Cum

I like cum. I like everything about it. I like the mechanics behind it and the way it gets air when it shoots. I like the way the head shines and swells with it. I like the word Vas Deferens. I like the mixing process that starts in the balls and the way they feel when it gears up and takes off.

I like the knee jerk reaction. I like the egg white feel of it when it runs through the fingers, and the way it slurps when you cum swap. I like the warmth.

I like the slight salt of it, like clean sweat and tears and the taste of the body. I love the color, the organic off white of bone and teeth and nails. I love the human of it and the risk.

I love the tingle and the way my skin goes red where it hits and millions of sperm start to dig. I love the science of it, of kamikaze sperm, of x sperm and y sperm and DNA and lotteries. I love that y sperm swim faster and x sperm live longer and I love the way it’s made to weather the outside world. I love when the outside world is my throat.

I love the reward. After the swell and the build and the tangle of sex I love the clean break. I love knowing I caused it or earned it or created it or deserved it. I love the closure.

I love what it does to my head, the way I get drunk on it and roll under it and melt with it. I love that the tingle turns to a burn and I can feel every drop and its path. I like the arcs it will draw on the curve of an ass or the round of a breast before it pools on the belly or highlights a shadow. I like the moisture. I like the lines it leaves in its wake and the way it makes his eyes go soft when he shoots. I love the lack of control in us both.

I love the taste and the heady concentration of his whole scent balled up in it. I love that it’s slightly sweet when he eats fruit and bitter when he drinks. It feels good going down, weighty. It adds body to the swallow.

I love the final thrust and the way it rocks the hips upward to meet the rush and the breath in the ear and the last push and the shudder and the burst and the exhale. I like the way it parts when he collapses down on top, reaching upwards and back for water and air. I like the filth and the life in the mixture with me.

I like it pure, uninterrupted, in concentrate. I like it everywhere and I like what it takes to get it. I like it twisted and I like it neat. I like it straight from the tap when I deep throat and swallow to the rhythm of the convulsion and I like it licked off the skin of someone else. I like the way it comes to my name.

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