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“Black Daddies Love White Teen Tears”

This soup episode is one of my favorites for a few reasons. The first is that we shot it in a single take, and then grabbed the tear on Lily Labeau at the end just because it was too fitting (and sad music overlays are funny no matter what). Most of our sketches are scripted, but the ones we do with Dana Vespoli are always improv’d with an idea laid out at the top. This episode ended up being a one take wonder. The other one take wonder we’ve put out is the “Blondes Get Outsmarted by a Bikini” episode, which was an idea we had randomly after shooting another sketch with the bikini–and which, by the way, we never did figure out how to properly wear.

The reason this episode is so funny to me though is the proverbial it’s funny because it’s true. We really do get phone calls asking us to cut necessary crew members from the budget. We really do get writers who want to sweeten things up, and we really do completely crush their souls when we pepper their ideas with what we think sells–search terms.

There is not a single thing said by Dana or myself in this sketch that has not been seriously said by some pornographer trying to pull a shoot together.


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